Gone Fishing

Created by Stephen Maddox, The Pitch 2019

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A modern day telling of John 21. Peter in his denial, betrayal, and loss, has led the disciples back to their previous work in a modern urban setting. As drug dealers they catch nothing all night, and at the break of morning a figure from shore asks them if they’ve caught anything. Realising it’s Jesus, they rush to him to see it’s really him. Upon meeting Jesus he makes them what we like to call, The Last Breakfast, and uses what they have to offer to make a grand mosaic. At this meal Jesus restores Peter and encourages him, but they continue to fall into their comparison trap where Jesus’ parting words to Peter are stay the path and go on your own journey. Leave people to their journey. It’s a story of loss, betrayal, and personal struggle. Yet it brings about lasting faith, restoration of relationships, empowering in leadership, and collective healing. This all leads to letting go of the physical representation of what they need most.

Biblical Connection

Reference is John 21, the whole chapter. Using the basic outline to carry the story as it’s already written in a three act form. Instead of actually fishing they’ll be drug dealers. We’ll be able to see insight into what the breakfast setting and conversation might have been like. We’ll still use the dynamics of the disciples relationship and previous knowledge of their characters to weave into the story as well.