Baby, Darling

Created by Robert den Engelsman, The Pitch 2019

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1980, Texas. Sonny Williamson, a young farmer, has taken a vow never to kill an animal. One night while defending his land, Sonny breaks his vow. Completely shaken by the murder, Sonny has a crisis of identity that rapidly unravels his life with irreversible consequence.

Biblical Connection

We are particularly focusing on the Nazarite vow that Samson has taken (or has been bestowed upon him since birth). If you want to set yourself apart for God, you would commit yourself to such a vow that would include abstaining from drinking alcohol, cutting your hair and not going near a dead body (Number 6:1-21). The remarkable thing about the Samson story is that he breaks every aspect of his vow. The story we are highlighting is when Samson kills the lion (Judges 14:5-6). The very act of Samson killing the lion and returning to the dead body breaks one of the key components of his vow and is the catalyst for the well known biblical story. What spiritual, moral and emotional weight does this hold over Samson? How does one act hold such consequence? Adapting the story to Texas, USA helps translate the narrative on a agricultural level as well as the sad reputation America has for group killings which allows the narrative to unfold in a haunting yet believable contemporary way.