Created by mat sheldon, The Pitch 2019

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Seeking refuge from her parents’ destructive relationship, a young girl discovers a supernatural connection with a beautiful white horse, setting her on a different path. This film sensitively tackles the subject of domestic violence and its impact on young children. Told entirely from Ava's perspective, it sheds much needed light on an issue that affects children across all backgrounds, classes and race. While there have been many strong stories addressing this subject, this film is unique in that it places Ava at the centre of her own story. I have worked particularly hard to focus on making this film both authentic and emotionally relevant by drawing on past experience of working with - and supporting - families at risk or experiencing domestic violence. I have found it to be universal that children have a beautiful ability to tap into reservoirs of hope and strength, in whatever form it may take.

Biblical Connection

“See, I am sending an angel before you to protect you on your journey and lead you safely to the place I have prepared for you.” Exodus 23 v.20 The story of the Exodus the Hebrew people took through the wilderness toward the land God had promised to give them is well known. One of the key figures in the story is the mysterious angel whom God sends to guide and guard his people. The angel travels with the Hebrew people through the wilderness after they escape slavery in Egypt for freedom, acting as a personal guide both by day (in the form a cloud) and by night (in the form of a pillar of fire). A key truth I take from this story is that the angel is not represented in human form. It is unknowable. A mythic, irresistible, compelling force. In the same way, Ava is in her own emotional wilderness. She is numb with worry, unable to understand the bitterness in her home. Powerless. Lost. Until, against all hope a white horse, her angel, appears. Ava finds strength and guidance in the beauty of the horse, which appears in a magical form to comfort AVA in her loneliness.