The Visit

Created by Bob Eckhard, The Pitch 2014

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‘2314: In a world where fertility and marriage is valued and the old and widowed are obsolete, Maya fears she will lose everything when her son is killed. Can the intervention of a mysterious visitor reverse her fortunes and end years of societal oppression?’ The concept for this science fiction drama is not reliant on major effects or complicated sets. With a focus on character rather than environment, we envisage production will be sourced within budget. A few elements, such as the scanner that changes people’s uniforms according to ‘class’ – might require some detail, but simple clean designs elsewhere coupled with CGI will assist with larger views of interiors. As the script is in development we are confident we can work around difficulties, looking for the simplest shoot possible while still establishing a sense of location. So far we have a CGI consultant on board to help with ideas. Director Matt Jamie has been involved in dozens of short films and we have contact with lots of actors and other potential crew members. We are confident we can bring this story to life, and shed light on a lesser-known passage of the Bible in a uniquely entertaining way.

Biblical Connection

Although 'The Visit' is inspired by Jesus' encounter with the widow at Nain (Luke 7:11-17), it also points to the meta-narrative of Christ as both sacrifice and redeemer. Similarly, its ending - in which the oppressive regime is destroyed - echoes the promise of Galatians 3:28 in which 'There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.' At the heart of this project is what it means to be socially 'poor' - excluded because of illness, infertility or social standing. Theologian Joel Green observes how Jewish understanding of 'Kinship Reciprocity' - which directed people to look after their vulnerable family members - was often negated by legalistic commitments or by choice to remain separate from them. Hence, Jesus' healing of the widow's son at Nain is done for the mother's sake who now finds herself outside of the community's care by his death. Without a son, she has no one to protect or provide for her needs. Jesus answer is to return her son to her as both an act of grace and demonstration of the incoming power of God's Kingdom.