Red Rock

Created by Natalie Lacey, The Pitch 2014

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A stop-motion animation, tragedy, fantasy story based in London about a scientist/inventor who fears the world around him and this motivates him to create an invention for courage. When following Charles's journey through London he meets the girl of his dreams Sarah who is a theatre actress. Her mother who is also her agent is spying on them as she is very overprotective and controlling. As the story unfolds Charles and Sarah's relationship develops and following their date, Sarah's mother confronts Charles. He accidentally drops the device and the red light infects them both, causing them both to turn more monstrous.

Biblical Connection

The story from the bible that inspired this film was the story of Adam and Eve(Genesis 2:8-3:24). The fruit on the tree is a representation of the red rock device. It was God's intention that all things was created for good like the red rock however if misused can result to serious consequences like the red rock turning Charles and Sarah's mother monstrous. Garden of Eden corresponds to the city of London in my story because there similarity of freedom adventure and opportunities.