Created by Chelsea Burgin, The Pitch 2014

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Set in modern day Afghanistan, Orpah is the mother four sons.  As the boys grow up, they become the joy of Orpah’s life; especially the eldest son, Goliath, who becomes well known for his strength and size. When the President declares war on a neighbouring country; Goliath is personally asked to join the army, as he is seen as a role model for the country and also an inspiration to other soldiers. When believing her son to be in danger Orpah heads to the battlefield, and begs him to come home. Goliath tells her the fate of his people is at stake. Leaving Orpah to speak to the president; a hand grenade is thrown by squad D.A.V.I.D.

Biblical Connection

My story is based around the character Orpah, - who is in the book of Ruth. This is my interpretation of what happened to Orpah when she left Ruth and Naomi, and how Orpah will be invovled in the fight of David vs Goliath. When reading that in Rabbinic literature Orpah is identified as Harafa, the mother of the four philistine giants - including Goliath.