Created by Janet Marrett, The Pitch 2014

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Lonny is set in South East London and is the tale of a man attracted to the seeming ease with which wealth can be acquired in the right circles, despite the model of honest work taught to him growing up and the example set by his elder brother. Under the influence of juvenile friends, Lonny becomes part of a gang. He achieves the lifestyle, the status and gets the girl he has always dreamed of. It is not long before the flaws in his hasty decision-making begin to emerge. After a period of deliberation, all of a sudden Lonny and Trudy are on the run, their high life shattered in an explosive change of fate. An emotional journey thus ensues and sees them desperately attempting to escape the previously unseen trappings. The act of leaving is far from a clean one. There arises a deep connection still linking Lonny to his past. The greatest threat to him and his child in the form of his wife, whose loyalties come into question at the worst possible moment.

Biblical Connection

The story of Lonny is based on Lot's flight with his family from the untimely destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. In Genesis chapter 13, Lot lifted up his eyes and found the land of Sodom an attractive prospect. He positioned himself to face that land and by the same verse in the following chapter he was deeply rooted in Sodom. It was made perfectly clear to Lot that he was in danger and needed to escape Sodom immediately, Lot was discovered lingering and the Bible says he seemed to his sons-in-law as one who mocked. Why was he lingering? Was he under the spell of Sodom? Did he think he could save it's inhabitants? Maybe his soul was now tied to a wife he intrinsically knew would never leave the land. Lot and his family, far from an ordered exit were dragged out of Sodom. Lot's reluctance to act promptly resulted in a desperate, uncoordinated and fear filled experience. There was, of course, no time to consult his wife about their future plans. They were united in their need to escape as a family, yet entirely separate in their intentions.