Kings of Coding

Created by Stephan Robinson, The Pitch 2014

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In the future dystopian British landscape, Bertram and his two assistants are computer information specialists. They are experts in coding and online communications. They discover in their work a mysterious strand of code hidden across all the networks. They decode it to reveal a call from a revolutionary leader to his group concerning a rebellion against the oppressive regime. The three decide to track the code to it's source, and join the rebellion. But first they need access to more information. They approach Herod, a seemingly rebellious regional governor, for access to the government data feeds, which he provides. Secretly though, he begins to track Bertram and his progress, hoping to kill and capture everyone to further his ambitions of power. The race is on to discover the rebel leader and survive. But not all is as it seems... Before Bertram's team finds the code's source, the source finds them.

Biblical Connection

This film is based on the story of the three wise men in Matthew 2:1:12. They were experts in their knowledge of the stars, and their expertise led them to notice the star and it's significance when it appeared, just as Bertram's team is able to track and find the code. The birth of Christ was the beginning of a rebellion against "the ruler of this world", and a rescue of humanity, exactly as this is. Herod's attempt at victory is much the same too. The Magi in the Bible were called to witness Christ the Messiah by the star. They were wanted there. In the same way, the mysterious leader in "Kings of Coding" is calling them to him through the code. Though it seems like it is not specifically for them, it is His test to bring them into the rebellion that will save the world. This film is also an exploration of some of the Three Wise Men deciding to risk it all and find their Messiah.