Created by Frances Simon, The Pitch 2014

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Hephzibah’s journey through life is exciting, yet disturbing, confusing and sometimes dangerous. Driven by the creative and artistic ambition deep in her soul, heartbroken by the indifference of her childhood sweetheart she leaves the comfort and familiarity of her beloved home, and is drawn into a cult movement whose controls lead her into a relationship with her soul-mate. Together the two break free from the restraints of the sect and travel north to pursue Hephzibah’s career as an artist.  Hephzibah has a fierce emotional commitment to her craft working hard to establish herself as an artiste against the odds.   In a surprising twist, an unexpected ally supports her in her struggle for emotional, spiritual and physical freedom.  Breaking free and re-entering the world, and drawing on the faith deep in the fabric of her being and passed down from her Father... she finds the strength to rebuild her life and her career and she gives herself the permission to love and to be loved.  Faith gives her the strength to fight difficult new challenges in her life. By the end of the movie, Hephzibah hasn’t got her Father’s faith but a faith of her own.

Biblical Connection

Hebrews10 vs19-13:5 there are many examples of those who have demonstrated faith throughout generations. Living by faith is far better than merely fulfilling rituals and rules. This can challenge us to grow in faith and to live in obedience to God each day. Hebrews11vs 8 leaving secure and familiar surroundings in order to carry out God’s will. Trusting and obeying without question. Abraham’s life was an example of this. 11vs 13-16 true faith is recognising that heaven is our home. Accepting that we are aliens and foreigners in this world this is not our final destination and this should give us hope. This hope is our salvation. Hebrews 12vs 1+2 refers to throwing off things that entangle us and endanger us like rituals and rules which are man-made. Instead we should rely on the holy-spirit that offers power over sin and fix our eyes on Jesus example of living. In Hebrews 12 vs 11 +12 God doesn’t have grand-children. He treats you as his own. Discipline produces maturity. In Hebrews 12 vs 15 don’t let bitterness reign in your life. The Holy Spirit heals. In Hebrews 13vs 1-5 real love for others in different relationships produces tangible positive results.