Created by Justin Hirschorn, The Pitch 2014

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17 year old Cassie Donolan’s activities with another lad from last night was recorded and is now making its way around her peers at school. Completely forgetting her as a person the footage is what it all becomes about. The only one who sees her as someone is ‘J’, though Duncan the head boy challenges him to try and ruin his popularity among his odd group of friends. If he could, Duncan would have the entire school be like him. Over lunch Duncan encourages Matt to put the footage online to potentially get Cassie expelled. But ‘J’ manages to stop them, he deletes the footage and it disappears from all the other phones as well, to many people’s disappointment. Cassie has become a person again and is not just a thing as she had been to everyone else. She is very emotional as someone just defended her, someone she doesn’t even know that well. Following lunch she runs after ‘J’ to find out more about him. He simply invites her to come along and see.

Biblical Connection

John 8:1-11, tells the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery. The religious leaders brought her to Jesus primarily to try and trap him so they could use something incriminating against him. Thus what has become of this woman, has she just become a means to an end for the Pharisees, as they stood her in plain sight of everyone? The story of Cassie is very much focussing on the woman amidst the crowd of people, everyone being aware of what she has done yet no one really seeing her as a fellow person who has made a mistake. The only one who can actually condemn the woman is Jesus, and he did not, and so from her loss of humanity having just become a thing to many people because of her actions, someone responds to her as that what she is, a human being. I have based the story of Cassie within the teen genre at school, and think the harsh environment of life at school is a good place to explore this dynamic of how people can respond and treat one another.