Cain's Wife

Created by Guy Logan, The Pitch 2014

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Exiled from Eden and the only family they ever knew, a young couple wanders the earth in search of a new home. Cain grows more reclusive by the day as he struggles with the weight of both his past and his future. His wife Ishshah travels with him, honouring the marital vows they undertook but suffering silently as her husband takes out his failings and regret on her. Trapped in an increasingly abusive relationship, facing danger from man and beast as well as her husband, Ishshah must make the most difficult decision of her life: flee from her tormentor into the wilds, fight for what's left of her marriage, or take matters into her own hands and end her persecution once and for all. Will the curse of Cain strike again?

Biblical Connection

Adam and Eve's sons are one of the Christianity's best known stories, where jealousy led Cain to murder his younger brother Abel in cold blood. The Bible's first parents lost two sons that day – one to death, another to exile. Cain's name has lived in infamy ever since, his crime recounted in Hebrews, Jude, and 1 John. But God had mercy on Cain, alleviating his suffering and leaving the door open for repentance and regeneration rather than wiping him from the world. Cain took his family and wandered for years, eventually founding a city. The Bible offers little details as to who Cain's wife was, but her life is far more important than her lineage, arguably equal to her husband's. This film explores themes of loyalty, mercy and rehabilitation through a couple's fight to save their marriage and survive in the dangerous lands of the Antediluvian Earth.