Created by Mingyu Lin, The Pitch 2014

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A geologist whose research leads him to identify a massive shift in the world's seismic activity, realises that the destruction of the world is imminent. The coming of an ice age (prompted by the ensuing nuclear winter) is imminent. Before he can alert the appropriate authorities and save the world, his only child and the light of his life, Sophie, is brutally murdered. Enraged by grief and loss, the geologist, Noah, tries to take justice into his own hands and goes after Sophie's killer but is stopped by his own wife, Emma. Still bitter, Noah begins to believe that the world is full of sin and injustice and doesn't deserve to be saved. He keeps quite about the oncoming apocalypse and instead builds a bunker just for him and his wife to survive in. Emma discovers his plot and is horrified, she refuses to be saved unable to live with the guilt of indirectly murdering the rest of the world but is overcome by force. Ultimately, as the apocalypse begins, Noah has to make a choice. To stay in the bunker with his wife or risk his life to be the hero that Sophie wanted him to be.

Biblical Connection

The Bunker is inspired by the biblical depiction of Noah, in which God decides to wipe out all traces of life in a sinful world but save just one man (Noah) and his family who have found grace in the eyes of God. In The Bunker, the protagonist also receives news of an imminent event that will threaten the survival of all mankind and will most likely wipe out all life on the planet. Like in the bible story, rather spending his alerting the world of the oncoming threat, Noah focuses on building a bunker (a modern version of the ark) to save himself and like the biblical story, the intention is to wipe out a sinful world. However, unlike biblical Noah, this directive is not given from God but rather himself and ultimately he has to contend with other biblical virtues/themes such as mercy, grace, forgiveness and self-sacrifice.