Created by Joseph Landreth, The Pitch 2014

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ALL HIS MIGHT is a gritty, British drama set on a dull East London estate. 15 year old David Yeboah has enough responsibilities and issues; his mum lies hung over on the sofa, his brother never comes home and David has to get up before sunrise to do his paper round. But David has a way of escaping it all. When he puts on his headphones he forgets all his troubles and becomes a different person. The music he plays summons an exciting entourage of guardians; dancers and free runners that appear from nowhere, the number of them grows with every song, they swarm over buildings, A climbing, flipping and dancing army. David’s imagination has no limits; until he’s given trouble by some local boys who mug him, taking his headphones. Now a young man must remember the inspiration and encouragement his mind can produce, he must set aside his daydreams, unearth his inner bravery and be who he is called to be.

Biblical Connection

David the shepherd boy is one of the most famous Biblical characters. Although his occupation seems very insignificant and he spends a lot of time alone, the timing of his bravery outstanding. The bears, the lions and the giant that David encounters are things our young people don’t, they are now a metaphor for the bullies, struggles and other fears in a hard hitting reality. I have condensed his youth into a slightly unpleasant modern day setting. David is also a dancer and musician, and the slow pace of film is regularly shifted into a creative fantasy through the whirlwind imagination of a passionate young dreamer. Let’s watch him get lost in another world, then watch him step up into manhood. 2 Samuel 6 14: David danced before the Lord with all his might.