Tips & advice

Here is some advice and inspiration from our contacts in the industry. If you’ve not seen the comments below, check these out now, we will be adding to these soon.

Previous winners

Anna Cox

Phil Cooke

Gavin Scott

The judging criteria

Pitches will be critiqued on the following criteria:

  1. Film maker vision
  2. Production quality
  3. Potential of the pitch to make a contemporary film
  4. Storytelling skills

The panel of judges will receive the full supporting information for each Pitch.

You need to be able to demonstrate your:

  • ability to communicate
  • passion for film making
  • vision for film making
  • commitment to film making

Your pitch needs to be able to demonstrate your:

  • understanding of the biblical topic
  • originality of the concept in addressing the topic
  • storytelling skills
  • credibility – is the concept/story believable?
  • understanding of story/narrative structure
  • production values

Judges will be invited to make additional comments and give advice for each of the shortlisted pitches.

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