Voting open from 1 November - 4 November 2019

How the Voting works

Submissions for the Pitch will be received between 1 June and 12:00 noon BST on 21 October 2019. The Pitches to go forward in competition will be selected by an internal panel at the Pitch and displayed on the website for voting by the public on 1 November 2019 from 12 noon GMT. This voting will help select the top 20 pitches to be shortlisted for our industry panel of judges (the ‘Jury’). The top 5 pitches from the internal panel will be automatically shortlisted, and the remaining 15 places will be decided by a combined internal and public vote.

How the Public’s vote will work

Each person voting will have to be aged 15 or over, and can vote for as many pitches as they wish. Each vote will amount to one point. The points will be totalled for each pitch. The top pitches will be considered those obtaining the highest number of points in the public vote. In voting for each pitch please cast your vote with reference to the judging criteria.

The Split

The shortlist to be presented to the judges will comprise the top 5 from the internal panel with the remaining places being decided by the combined voting scores. The percentage weight of the vote for selecting the remainder of the shortlist will be split as follows:

  • Internal panel 50%
  • Public 50%

The Pitch panel reserve the right to substitute in, or add to the shortlist any 2 projects as wild cards. These will not be identified as such to our industry panel of judges.

Experience has shown this to be a fair and reasonable way to match proper industry assessment with a popular public vote.


If there is a tie-break for the twentieth place for the shortlist, the internal panel shall, at their absolute discretion, decide which pitch shall go through to the shortlist.

How the Judges’ vote will work

Each of the industry judges will mark each of the pitches on a score of 1-5, where 5 is the highest score, and use this mark to rank their pitches from 1-20. On the basis of this ranking they will then select their top two pitches from the shortlist to go to the finals at Pinewood. In the event that this has selected fewer than 10 pitches then 3 placed pitches will be considered, and so on until all 10 places at the finals have been filled.

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