The Pitch 2013

Aurora Fearnley wins The Pitch

Aurora Fearnley, from Southwark, has won the Pitch film competition this year with her space science fiction film idea “Pulsar”.

32 year old Aurora, pitched a film idea based on the story of Jonah to a panel of five judges at Pinewood film studios during the competition finals weekend on 11 and 12 January 2014.

After winning she said, ‘I’m shocked! Every year I know I’ve been better at pitching and I’ve picked up tools and techniques each time to improve. I know it’s an ambitious idea and I know I’ve set myself a challenge, but I’m really excited about the journey of the film.’

Hear from Aurora and the judges about this year’s winning Pitch.

Aurora describes ‘Pulsar’ as the character driven story of the proud planetary ambassador, Jonah, who is a coward who discovers his courage. Jonah’s last mission before retirement is to persuade the war torn planet Nineveh to join the Galactic Union. See more on Pulsar.

Actor David Gyasi, who is one of The Pitch judges, said, ‘Essentially for me it was the story, along with the way Aurora has translated the original text to a modern and futuristic setting and the character that grabbed me. I could really envisage the film and the audience it will appeal to.”

Aurora has won a production budget of £25,000 to make Pulsar. She will also get to go to Hollywood and meet a host of industry professionals who will give feedback on her completed film.

Runners up win £2,500

This year, for the first time there are two runners up prizes of £2,500. This year’s runners up are Nic Crum and Alex Marx.

Nic Crum

29 year old Nic Crum is from Glasgow. He pitched The House with Teeth, a fantasy adventure film based on The Temptation of Christ.

The House with Teeth follows Sarah as she battles her way out of a House that is trying to eat her soul. It gives her three challenges/temptations.

Nic said ...
"Naturally I am disappointed but I'm not going home empty handed! I've learnt so much from this experience - it has been fantastic! I've never entered anything like this before so to have the opportunity to come to Pinewood - that's been a prize in itself - just being here has been great. I've gained loads from the residential at Low Wood before Christmas too. To learn from Laurie was fantastic - it helped me lots in preparing for this weekend."

See Nic’s Pitch


Alex Marx

29 year old Alex Marx from Kilburn pitched Fingers, a crime drama set London’s East End in the 1950s. It’s based on the character of Salome daughter of Herod whose famous dance led to the beheading of John the Baptist.

The action takes place in Fingers, a piano bar cum strip club, and the unofficial headquarters of an East End crime gang, headed up by Harry.

Alex said ...
"I'm very excited that we got £2.5K! I can still tell the core of the story so there is potential that we can still take 'Fingers' forward. This has been such a great opportunity for me. The residential was fantastic as I learnt so much from Laurie. It has been great to meet with the other great filmmakers and having the support and opportunity to pitch in a professional environment to well respected industry people."

See Alex's pitch

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