Watch out for ‘PROMISE’

Next week will see the online premiere of ‘PROMISE’, starring Rebecca Callard (The Dectorists) and written by first time screenwriter and actor Hannah Lee who entered our 2015 competition.

‘Promise’, originally pitched as ‘Hagar’, is a short film drama thriller inspired by Genesis 16 in the Bible.  Hannah has taken the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar; contemporising it to a story about a Syrian refugee who can only stay in Britain if she becomes a surrogate mother for a desperate couple, but their illicit pact has desperate consequences.

 “Whilst Hannah’s story didn’t win that year - she was one of our top three finalists.  However she grabbed the attention of one of our judges Neville Pierce, contributing editor to Empire magazine, who offered to direct it.” says Luke Walton, Director of The Pitch.  

Released here on Monday 23 July Promise stars Lara Sawalha, Rebecca Callard and Nabil Elouahabi.

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