Q&A with Laurie Hutzler

Laurie Hutzler


Laurie Hutzler
International Script and Story Consultant

What do movies mean to you?

They are and always have been a way to make sense of reality. They allow us to see cause and effect clearly. Life is chaotic and random. Movies are not.

What are three of your favourite films and why?

Recent favourites: Wonder Woman and Black Panther. Classic favourite: Fargo. Reason: Strong women’s roles

What do you think makes a great short film?

A great short film is about a single proposition, theme, or idea. Every scene and sequence in a great short film illustrates and supports that single thing from a variety of angles.

Why did you agree to be a judge for The Pitch?

I have had a great experience judging past competitions. It’s an absolute joy watching the passion and commitment of these filmmakers.

What are you most looking forward to – or dreading! – in the process?

Dreading: Leaving a wonderful film behind in passing another through.

Quick-fire round:

Lean or Loach?


Beatles or Stones?


Pacino or De Niro?


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek.

Dame Judi or Dame Helen?

Dame Helen.

Finally, what is your tip for anyone who pitches this year?

Take a breath and realise everyone on the panel is pulling for you to do well!

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