Q&A with Jolyon Mitchell

Jolyon Mitchell


Jolyon Mitchell
The Pitch Industry Judge

What do movies mean to you?

Films invite viewers into new worlds. Every time I start watching a film, it reminds me of being a young child on Christmas Eve… full of anticipation, hope and excitement. They can make the familiar strange, and bring the strange close. They can make you laugh, cry and think.

What are three of your favourite films and why?

Too many to choose from - but without thinking:
It’s A Wonderful Life - Hopeful comic genius
The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring) - Epic and memorable storytelling
The Matrix - Layers upon layers

What do you think makes a great short film?

A memorable story with an original perspective, strong plot and unexpected twist.

Why did you agree to be a judge for The Pitch?

I hugely enjoyed serving on film juries at the Cannes, Berlin and Venice International Festivals, watching, thinking about and discussing films in a competitive and creative setting.

What are you most looking forward to – or dreading! – in the process?

Looking forward to: Watching, learning and discussing...

Quick-fire round:

Lean or Loach?


Beatles or Stones?


Pacino or De Niro?


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars - just.

Dame Judi or Dame Helen?

Dame Judi.

Finally, what is your tip for anyone who pitches this year?

Make it beautiful. Make it arresting. Make it original.

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