The prize

“The competition that goes on giving” is how Rob McLellan described The Pitch after he had won and taken his film to the US. We like to think this is true for all of our finalists and thanks to new sponsors we can offer enhanced prizes for the best 10 pitches as selected by our panel of Judges.

The Residential Course

As a top 10 finalist, you will attend a residential course led by an industry professional. The course will take place between Sunday 11 December 2016 and Tuesday 13 December 2016. 

The Live Pitch at Pinewood Studios

As a top 10 finalist, you will spend the day at Pinewood Studios, pitch your film to the panel in the Boardroom of Pinewood Studios and meet and have lunch with the judges. After a presentation to all finalists, you will discover if you have been selected as one of this year's winning Pitchers. If you are, you’ll get the chance to go away and hone your pitch, based on feedback from the panel, before coming back to do a final pitch. All Pitchers are invited to network and meet the judges at a reception in the evening. 

The Top Three

The top three Pitchers will be invited to stay overnight on the Saturday and will have the chance to talk to the panel again on the Sunday, looking in more depth at the strengths and weaknesses of your idea. 

The Runners up: £2,500

Subject to sponsorship, this year we are offering two smaller production budgets for the runners up. The purpose of this will be to create a smart and sharp version of the Pitch idea for a desginated short film festival. A specific festival and task means an opportunity to show case your talent to a wider audience and to receive support and help from The Pitch team.

The Winner

Your apprenticeship will be with industry professionals, including script writers, producers, directors, actors, camera operators or directors of photography and post-production experts. During this time, you will be mentored and given advice on how best to turn your pitch into a short film.

The film

You will get to make a short film based on your pitch. The production and technical support you will receive has an estimated value in excess of £25,000. 

The Hollywood experience

You, plus one other (a member of your team, or a friend or family member) will be flown to Hollywood in Autumn 2017 for a week. During this trip you will have a private meeting with Producer Ralph Winter (X-Men, Fantastic Four) who will watch and give feedback on your short film. You will also get to meet other industry professionals. During your stay there will be free time to see the sights and sounds of Hollywood.

The future

Your film will be entered into at least one film festival to be decided by The Pitch team. This will give additional exposure to your film and provide you with the opportunity to network with other film makers. Past winners have had invitations to accompany experienced directors on set, gained managers or agents, and even seen their ideas move into development as feature film ideas.