The Pitch 2016

We invest in untapped potential. The unique challenge of The Pitch is to come up with a contemporary film idea that draws on the Bible for inspiration. We have top advice to get the creative juices flowing and a production budget, production support and other prizes waiting for the best ideas. Who will make the shortlist?

The Longlist will be published on 21 October and the public will have until 31 October to vote for their favourite pitch, which will help shape the shortlist for the industry panel to review.

If you missed this year’s date you will have to wait for the 2017 competition, but it’s never too early to start planning, and reviewing the pitches in this year’s competition long list might just trigger an idea for next year. Or why not check out one of our Masterclasses: Film Matters in the meantime?

Pitch it, film it, take it to Hollywood

“There are a lot of people walking around in London or Hollywood with ideas in their heads, but to actually get to execute your idea puts you in the top 5% ... it’s so hard to raise money, so hard to find £25,000 to shoot your film, it’s a great calling card.”

David Oyelowo
Selma (2014), Lincoln (2012), Jack Reacher (2012), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), Spooks

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