The Pitch 2015
NEW Early Submissions offer Open: 1-31 May 2015

This year we have a new offer: Let us help you develop a winning idea. We can offer feedback on anything from film genre to how to actually make your pitch; from story line to source material. So why not send us an ‘Early Bird pitch’, if you send us your idea, concept or questions during our new early submission period we will give you feedback on your pitch.

How it works:
You can send us anything from a simple question about a starting story through to concept art or a partly developed trailer. It can be as simple as an iPhone film setting out your questions, or as developed as a version of the pitch you have in mind. We will send you some thoughts and reflections from our internal panel offering challenges and suggestions on how to make your pitch, all this is to support you and is completely free. You can submit an ‘Early Bird pitch’ without any obligation to enter the full competition, though of course this will not be eligible on its own to win our top prize of £25,000 production budget and trip to LA.

This ‘Early Bird pitch’ will give you the opportunity to redevelop your idea with plenty of time to re-submit your full pitch. It will not be made public in the meantime and is an exclusive offer for those making a submission in May 2015.

This year we have Early Bird and Regular submissions deadlines - your last chance to submit your pitch being the Closing Date of Monday 28 September, 12noon.

Please note feedback for ‘Early Bird pitchers’ will be given during in June, 2015.

Film maker Andy Toovey wins The Pitch 2014

This year’s Pitch film competition winner is Andy Toovey from Pontypool in South Wales.

Entering the competition for the second year running Andy impressed the five industry judges with his short film drama ‘Only Child’.

His story ‘Only Child’ is based on the story of David and Bathsheba. Many other interpretations of this story glamorise their affair but this story is told from Bathsheba’s perspective.  It’s set in a contemporary gypsy community - a goldfish bowl type existence and is about a dysfunctional couple, who have a child which tragically dies and the story shows how they grapple with and share their grief.

Actor, David Gyasi, one of the industry judges said, “Andy was unanimously chosen!  He came in with a strong pitch on the first day, took on board the feedback given to him, interpreted it and his passion really shone through.  He came across as someone we felt the £25K not only mattered to but he also presented a beautiful piece of work.  The retelling of this story from Bathsheba’s perspective is something that is often missed.  The bit about loss is very compelling.  His film idea is current and relevant in today’s society.”

Speaking about how he feels about winning Andy says: “I’m over the moon, cock-a-hoop, Sky’s the limit and all those cliché phrases!  I really thought I’d blown it yesterday as I lost my way loads of times, the questions asked of me were like bullets to my heart and so I went away with lots of things to work on. Last night the adrenaline kept me awake but I did lots of reworking; I was pleased with my performance today and I felt it went so much better.  Speaking about the work ahead he said, “There is a lot of tearing down and rebuilding to do.  I do enjoy building stories up and I know I’m going to enjoy the process but first I’m going to go home, see my family, give my kids a big hug and buy them some little pressies on the way!” 

Luke Walton, Project Director said, “This is our best year yet!  It was a strong competition with a fantastic judging panel, lively debate, some emotionally connecting and vibrant stories.  We have a winner in Andy who quite frankly knocked it out of the park!  It is only the second time in the competition when we’ve had a unanimous decision.  Andy won because he listened very carefully to the feedback given.  He worked really hard, started writing new stuff and delivered new beats to the story in a very precise way. One of the secrets of this competition is to take on board what you learn on day one and apply it to the second day.  His story was well thought through with cinematic vision. I look forward to the challenge of producing this film with him.”

New to the competition this year were runners-up Kelly Holmes with World War One themed idea “Attrition” and Justin Hirschorn with social media based story “Cassie”. The judging panel chose both of these ideas to go forward; intrigued by ‘Attrition’ as they thought the combination of WW1 and miracles in the trenches was something they’d not seen before, whilst ‘Cassie’ resonated due to the topical nature of social media.  

Congratulations to David Oyelowo, nominated for Golden Globe

Our congratulations to former Pitch Judge David Oyelowo for his nomination for a Golden Globe for his performance as Martin Luther King in "Selma". David also starred in the Pitch 2010 winning film, Rahab opposite his wife Jessica.

Aurora’s work validated by Interstellar Star
David Gyasi

The winner of this year’s film competition, Aurora Fearnley, film maker from South East London, has finally been on film shoot this week.

The Pitch 2014 finalists

Welcome to The Pitch 2014 finalists.

Many congratulations to these film makers!

The finalists win a Residential Course led by Peter Nicholas at Low Wood Bay Resort Hotel and will be going to Pinewood Studios in January to pitch for our top prizes.

You can view the finalists here.