Film Matters lectures

These lectures are designed for anyone looking to develop their film making skills and keen to learn directly from experienced professionals in the film industry.

They are ideal for anyone looking to pitch an idea for funding to a film body, and anyone working on a concept for The Pitch 2014.

Laurie Hutzler
The Character Map: Characters worth Pitching
Tuesday 1 July, 7.00-9.00 pm

We are delighted to welcome Laurie Hutzler back to deliver an interactive Film Matters master-class on ‘The Character Map’. This is an exceptional opportunity to hear from Laurie Hutzler, world-class story and character consultant. Learn about giving characters fresh spin, get behind the facts, and uncover the internal conflict that drives all film stories. Laurie has worked as story and character consultant to Aardman Animation Studio and is author of the Emotional Toolbox method.

This makes Laurie the ideal person to help you develop a winning Pitch for our competition. As you know there are three key areas of conflict in film, external, relational and internal, and it is the latter that drives the story forward but is so often the hardest element to draw out. Laurie’s interactive style and content on ‘The Character Map’ is perfect for developing the essence of biblical characters and stories as contemporary film projects.

Biography – Laurie H Hutzler
Based in Los Angeles, Laurie Hutzler is the creator of the Emotional Toolbox method and has worked as a story and character consultant to Aardman Animation Studio, the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, talkbackTHAMES, and Mersey Television/Lime Pictures (UK), for Pixar University, Disney and Dreamworks (US), Endemol Netherlands (NL), RTE (Ireland), RTL, Weidemann Berg and Grudy UFA (Germany), GloboMedia (Spain) and TNT (Russia) among others. She has worked a consultant for Endemol and for FremantleMedia across a variety of scripted and entertainment formats in the UK, Europe and Australia.

Jackie Sheppard
Pitching a produceable film
Tuesday 2 September, 7.00-10.00 pm

Need to sell your film project? Want to learn how to make 10 minutes count? This is a great opportunity to learn from Producer Jackie Sheppard on the best steps to prepare for Pitching to executives. An experienced producer, Jackie will talk through preparation and delivery skills that can make your idea shine. Jackie will also present a "fly on the wall" view of the Pinewood experience of pitchers over the past few years, the highs, the lows, the challenges and the triumphs for those seeking the £25,000 prize. Don't miss this chance to hone your skills.

Biography – Jackie Sheppard
Following collaboration with Mark Blaney and Footprint Films on projects in development over several years Jackie joined Footprint as Joint Managing Director of the company in June 2004. At Footprint, Jackie has produced the feature film Africa United, with producing partner Mark Blaney, and Rwandan producer Eric Kabera. She has also produced the funded shorts, Home (Reel Issues Films), Curfew (Screen South/UKFC), and Supraman and the School of Necessity (The Doorpost) with Mark Blaney. Together they Exec Produced four short films for the UKFC/Screen South’s Digital Shorts programme (Hammer and Flame, Out of Water, Plenty of Spoons, The Karmic Wheel of Doo Doo). Away from Footprint Jackie produced the short films Unscripted, Derelict, Rahab and The Black Scholes Conspiracy (all for Reel Issues Films), as part of Footprint’s work on The Pitch film competition.

Debs Paterson
'So you want to be a filmaker/director?'
Tuesday 7 October, 7.00-10.00 pm

A two-hour masterclass from director and screenwriter Debs Paterson (Africa United - Pathé /BBC films), looking at the practical realities of breaking into the film industry - covering everything from short films to representation to script development and avoiding common mistakes.

Ideal for: Anyone with dreams of breaking in who wants to know more about where to start.

Why Debs Paterson? 
Without going to film school, Debs directed her first feature film at the age of 31 with a multi-million pound budget and the backing of Pathé, the UK film council (now BFI) and BBC films. The movie, Africa United, received a standing ovation at its world premiere in Toronto and also its European gala premiere at the London Film Festival. It was nominated for several awards, including the Best Debut Director BIFA for Debs and released in cinemas across the UK and internationally. Debs has spent time in Hollywood and the UK film industry and will talk about how new filmmakers with vision but without much experience can hope to break in - using examples and clips from her own story and work.

Martin Kiszko
Once Upon a Time in a Screenplay: Narrative Structure
Tuesday 4 November, 7.00-10.00 pm

For the very first time, fledgling scene scrawlers and accomplished act scribblers get the screenwriting talk they always wanted: From Syd Field to Blake Snyder, Vogler to Mc Kee, Seger to Huage and Parker to Aristotle – here’s a two hour master class from screenwriter and poet and composer, Martin Kiszko, that will navigate you through the landscape of screenwriting structure. Stopping off at eleven of the world’s greatest screenwriting gurus, the talk will examine their models for and approach to what makes the perfect movie narrative. This is a golden opportunity to understand the work of some of the world’s greatest story consultants and transplant their techniques to your fingertips. Whether you want to base your work on the template of one, some or all of these screenwriting wizards, this talk will also unpick key screenplay narrative elements in the context of a popular movie and demonstrate how the very best narrative decisions are made.

Who is this for?
Anyone looking to write their first screenplay, improve a draft, polish a completed script.

Martin has had screenplays optioned and his screenplay The Bell was nominated as Best Brit Screenplay by the UK Film Council in 2005. He wrote and directed the short ITV drama Steps starring Oscar nominee Ron Moody. Apart from his extensive industry experience, Martin has also been a judge for The Pitch short film competition.

Biography – Martin Kiszko
Martin has composed and orchestrated over 200 scores for film and TV. Amongst these were the landmark natural history series Land of the Eagle and Realms of the Russian Bear, in which he pioneered the recording of music samples on film locations. The diversity of Martin’s material also embraces BBC, ITV and C4 dramas including: Black Hearts in BatterseaThe Levels, and The Uninvited. His TV signature tunes include: BBC’s NewsroundFood and DrinkOmnibusWildlife on Two and The Natural World.

Martin Kiszko
The Art of the Film Score: Major and Minor Adventures in La-La Land
Tuesday 2 December, 7.00-10.00 pm

A two-hour masterclass from film composer, screenwriter, and poet Martin Kiszko, looking at methods and techniques of how to get the best out of putting music to picture. Learn all about the secrets of film composers’ techniques and get the best out of your film soundtrack.

Ideal for: Anyone looking to develop their filmmaking/soundtrack skills.

Why Martin Kiszko? Quite apart from his industry experience and academic experience in delivering talks, Martin has regularly been a judge for The Pitch short film. With feedback like this from our last session I’d recommend you don’t miss his over view on scoring for film!

‘Dr Martin Kiszko gave an outstanding in his analysis of story structure models’ ..... an extremely useful summary of the models of story form, one that any script writer, director, composer or film maker would find invaluable'.’ ’I really enjoyed Martin's talk - very inspiring.’ ’Martin is fabulous - I really wish I had heard all his talks.’

Biography – Martin Kiszko
Martin has composed and orchestrated over 200 scores for film and TV. Amongst these were the landmark natural history series Land of the Eagle and Realms of the Russian Bear, in which he pioneered the recording of music samples on film locations. The diversity of Martin’s material also embraces BBC, ITV and C4 dramas including: Black Hearts in Battersea, The Levels, and The Uninvited. His TV signature tunes include: BBC’s Newsround, Food and Drink, Omnibus, Wildlife on Two and The Natural World.