Created by Joe O'Hare, The Pitch 2017

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Yosef has a supernatural ability to see visions of the future and this has a significant impact on his life and others. Sold as a slave by his own brothers to the highest bidder and trafficked to the UK, he manages to escape is taken to an Immigration Centre. He befriends Darius and Nuri and sees visions of their destinies – Darius will live but Nuri will die. Yosef meets a psychiatrist, Matthew, and asks him for help for protection against Nuri. Matthew believes Yosef has mental health issues but agrees to speak to staff and Yosef’s life is saved. He thanks Matthew for helping to save his life but Matthew responds by proposing that Yosef is mentally ill. Yosef tells Matthew that his critically ill baby daughter will be healed despite the diagnosis. Matthew rejects this and Yosef fears there may be consequences because of his disclosure but after days of waiting, is summoned to Matthew’s office. There Matthew explains that his daughter is alive after being given a 10% chance of surviving. Matthew is lost for words as he gains a unique connection to another human being but cannot use medical science to explain this.

Biblical Connection

‘Yosef’ draws on events from the life of Joseph found in Genesis 37 - 41. The key characteristic I’ve drawn upon and adapted for this drama is Joseph’s ability to interpret his own dreams and others. He is sold as a slave, imprisoned but ultimately finds favor and connection with those in power. The main character Yosef is an Asylum Seeker and I am keen to explore a more nuanced representation of this demographic, given the mainly negative media representation in the UK. The environment of the Immigration Centre is one that has rarely been represented onscreen, which makes it a naturally interesting context for the story to take place because of the mystery surrounding it. From research, there are many parallels with modern prisons and this is an environment that I have personal experience working in. The story of ‘Yosef’ ties closely to that of the biblical character of Joseph – exploring the consequences of supernatural vision in a very personal manner - and frames it within a compelling context and vibrant re-imagining of the character. It explores themes including the supernatural, conflict and human connection and I feel this will result in an entertaining and moving film.