The Talents

Created by Christopher Richards, The Pitch 2012

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Max Jones is the most successful talent agent in the world managing the careers of some of the most recognisable household names in the music industry. Having just finished filming a series of Starfactor, the most popular TV talent show in the UK, we join a documentary crew who are following the careers of the three contestants that won the competition for a “behind the scenes” special. Wary of the cameras delving to much into his own personal life, Max decides to take a vacation and leaves his three new clients with access to their prize money. Cole, the most talented, uses his investment wisely to start a solid career writing songs and recording an album. David uses it to enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame in the spotlight. While. Carmen, the least talented of the three, squanders her investment hiding her real talent and falls into the trappings of fame eventually losing it all. As Max returns he wants to see the returns, Cole and David have things to show him while Carmen has got herself in hot water with the tabloids. With no return on his investment Max drops her and concentrates on the other two.

Biblical Connection

Based on the parable of The Talents, a man entrusts his possessions to his “servants”, or in this case clients. He distributes the prize money from the competition in order to help them further their career. We are taking the literal and financial meaning of the word "Talent". Our story brings the Parable into the modern world looking at the culture of fame and how it is able to trap people into looking for an easy route rather than grafting to make something better of themselves. As many view the current culture of fame as a religious substitute with it having its own prophets, disciples and multiple “Holy Books”, it is the perfect environment to re-imagine the Parable. As in the Parable the first two clients set to work, making more money, and are rewarded. The final one hides her talent, much like the slave that hides his money, and falls into the trappings of fame. She is exposed in the tabloid press and because she has not given a return to Max, he leaves her to fend for herself. We feel this project is a fantastic platform to explore celebrity, work ethic and fame as the new 'religion'.