The Meek

Created by EOIN ClELAND, The Pitch 2023

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Body-snatching aliens invade the Earth and possess everyone, but don’t bother brainswashing the disabled. So guess who has to save humanity. Agoraphobic Bridey has cerebral palsy and crippling social anxiety, but she's going to have to get over that to corral and inspire the other disabled people trapped with her in an assessment centre. Can she overcome the odds and help her ragtag bunch break out and make it to safety? The high security obstacles are less of a hurle than trying to inspire and unite wheelchair bound petty criminal Danno, terminally ill wannabe revolutionary Amanda, prim and proper arthritic pensioner Eimer and the mysterious but incredible rude Fí. Can they make it to safety and start a revolution?

Biblical Connection

Psalms 37:11 — “But the meek shall inherit the earth" - I am using this as inspiration as to what would happen if the "meekest" among us, truly did inherit the Earth. It's an idea I've had for decades, inspired by my sister with Down's Syndrome. It's a jumping off point to make some points about how people with disabilities are treated by our society, while at the same time making a fun and entertaining film that doesn't feel preachy or worthy.