The House With Teeth

Created by Nicholas Crum, The Pitch 2013

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The House with Teeth follows Sarah as she battles her way out of a House that is trying to eat her soul. Separated from her parents while visiting an ancient house, Sarah finds herself up against a door that won't open. Sarah explores deeper into the house trying to find her parents, but the house has other ideas. The House gives her three challenges/temptations: The Kitchen. A friendly Cook tries to trap her with mountains of food that Sarah has to climb out of. The Workshop. An old man welcomes her in and tries to catch her in a building game. Sarah outsmarts the man and battles her way out a cage, escaping the room. Her Bedroom: The House has stolen her memories and recreated her room from home, and her mother is there waiting. Thinking she has finally made it out Sarah is very nearly trapped in the house until she notices a difference in her mother. It is a desperate fight from her, battling her way through the house and its monsters to get back to the door and break her way out to find her parents. This is a classic children's action adventure film.

Biblical Connection

The Temptation of Christ, as told in Matthew, Mark and Luke describes Jesus' journey through the desert and how the Devil came to him and tempted him three times in order to steal his faith away from God. We are taking this epic tale and condensing it down into one fantastical location. The Devil is represented by the House, an entity trying to steal Sarah’s soul. Just as the Devil gave Jesus three challenges and temptations to overcome, so too does the House present these to Sarah. The challenges come in the form of three rooms. The first, just like Jesus, is that of food. The second comes in a test of faith, trying to distract and trap Sarah from her true path. The third is the hardest challenge where the House has offered everything that Sarah wants, her parents. Just as it was Jesus’ faith in God that helps him overcome each of the Devils temptations and challenges, its Sarah’s faith that she will find her parents that keeps her going in the house, driving her and giving her the strength to overcome everything the House throws at her.