The Denial

Created by Al Eales, The Pitch 2013

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The Denial is a powerful drama that centres around a mothers decision to disown her son. It also explores the idea that there are many victims when someone is murdered. After her Son Justin is arrested for the murder of a local women we follow Pauline as she struggles to cope with what her son has done. Pauline attends the opening day of the trial and hears the sickening evidence against her son. She also witnesses the pain this brings to the victims attending family. Justin is convicted of murder after the four main defense witnesses tell slightly differing stories. Pauline now voices her three denials. The first to a reporter that hounds her for a story. The second is to two aggressive women who threaten her for being the Mother of a murderer. The third is said directly to her son when she visits him in prison, "I don't know the man you've become". I work for a broadcast facilities company that can offer both camera equipment, Arri Alexa, Red Epic, Cooke lenses etc, etc, and full post production services, Mistika online, grade, DCP deliverable. This means that nearly all of the budge can be spent on screen.

Biblical Connection

Peter denies Jesus. The bibles story has two main characters, Peter & Jesus - Pauline is Peter & Justin is Jesus. Peter is one of Jesus' closest disciples. A Mother and Son's bond is one of the closest. At the last supper Jesus predicts that a disciple will deny knowing him. During dinner Justin is arrested and predicts that Pauline will deny knowing him. In the bible the denial story is told in four slightly different ways by Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. In my film a reference to this is four witnesses telling slightly different stories while giving evidence in court. In the bible Peters denials start in a courtyard. In my film the denials start after what Pauline has heard in court. Peter denies knowing Jesus three times. Pauline denies knowing Justin three times. Jesus predicted that "before the cock crows twice tonight, you will say that you do not know me". In my film Pauline visits Justin in prison and Justin points to the head Prison warden and refers to him as a cock. Once Pauline delivers her final denial Justin shouts to his Mother not to leave, the Prison Warden shouts/crows to Justin to shut up.