Selkie Twins

Created by Philip Todd, The Pitch 2013

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A fantasy drama about an isolated young boy fighting to get home. Jake is an outcast in his own home (a fish out of water... literally!). His older twin brother Ethan is greedy and self-centred and gets on swimmingly with their fisherman father, but neither of them understand Jake’s sensitive nature nor attempt to care for him. Jake needs a family, especially a mother, who loves him and a home where he truly belongs. The morning before his 13th birthday Jake gets his wish and meets his Selkie mum on the beach. At sunset that day, she can take him to his real home... where he will be a prince! But Ethan has met her too so Jake must battle with his brother... baking desserts to tempt him... food fighting... and tricking his dad by disguising himself as his brother. However, Ethan beats him back each time and as the sun sets it looks like Jake will lose... until at the last minute, because of his simple love for his mother, she chooses Jake. The boys are separated, Ethan stays on land with his father and Jake is carried down to become a Selkie Prince of a sparkling subterranean kingdom.

Biblical Connection

“Two peoples... will be separated” Genesis 25:23 Jacob and Esau are children of a very special family. But only one of them can become the great nation of Israel. The expected is turned on its head and the LORD says, “The older will serve the younger.” Jacob, the younger, is a slippery character but has admirable determination. From his birth he is grasping for greatness and he keeps struggling until he gets it. He wants it more than his brother Esau, who sells his birthright for a bowl of stew. (Genesis 25:29-34) Similarly, Jake and Ethan are both Selkie children, but they must separate: only one can become the Selkie Prince. Ethan is the expected choice, looking increasingly like princely material as he keeps beating Jake and showing off his physical superiority. But the Selkie mother is not fooled by outer appearance and she sees that Jake has a good heart that simply loves her because she is his mother. Misfit Jake longs for home more than Ethan who has conformed and contented himself with this world so much that he can never have as much love for his Selkie mother as Jake does.