Scouting for Eden

Created by Ian Gilbertson, The Pitch 2013

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When Hollywood decides to make a time travel comedy called Adam and Eve and Steve, an eccentric Cumbrian location scout called Norman claims to have the perfect site for the Garden of Eden. The producers are so blown away by Norman's location reel that they agree to send out one of their production assistants to see what Cumbria has to offer. When Jeff arrives in the UK to find that Norman has no experience, he is outraged that Norman has wasted his time, but when Jeff accidentally kills a young woman Norman is the only person that he can turn to. What follows is a hilarious comedy adventure full of blackmail, mystery and murder as Jeff and Norman scout the perfect locations for both the Garden of Eden and the perfect place to dispose of the body... Whatever the outcome, this hunt for movie locations is going to be murder!

Biblical Connection

The main plot of the story focuses on two men hunting for the perfect location to shoot a Hollywood update of the Adam and Eve story. Adam and Eve and Steve is fully developed comedy that we have fully structured so that we can use it to influence both the topics of dialogue and the shooting locations. The entire story revolves around Jeff and Steve's search for the ideal Garden of Eden and as obstacles mount up they grow increasingly down, however when they finaly find what they are looking for it is so much sweeter. We also intend to include a comedy sequence that runs over the end credits showing the final Hollywood production. The Adam and Eve story is deeply routed throughout the structure of Scouting for Eden.