Created by Jordan McGibney, The Pitch 2016

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Break like David and Goliath is a story of the human spirit. How a person's self-belief, alongside his faith in God can rise above adversity, that destiny of the many can be changed by the actions of one. Our story is based in Edwardian England, a time of social divide within the work place, society and sport. After cleaning the factory owners car Edward a working class lad is given an old tennis racket and finds a natural flair for the sport. His dream to rise above the day to day toil of factory work and compete in the most coveted event in England, Wimbledon. Edward must face not one Goliath but many, from his well trained and equipped opponents, to the Tennis Association that do not want him to compete and the media that see Edward as a joke, a pawn amongst the aristocrats to mock. How can a one racket and the heart of a man give hope? Like David with his sling self belief and God prevailed and gave him strength.

Biblical Connection

David and Goliath is one of Christianity's best-known stories, where the power of Faith overthrows the brutality of raw strength. 1 Samuel 17 shares many parallels with the strife of the working class especially during the beginning of the 21st Century. As oppression continued the vast majority of people refused to stand up to the upper classes. It took a few people with great amounts of faith and strength to rise up and take a stand. One of the key elements that created this revolution against oppression was the influence of working class politicians and sports heroes. It took ordinary men and women, without training to lead the way. David, a man that begins without much of a voice compared to his brothers, hindered by his lack of training eventually due to his faith lead the Israelites to victory. We wish to honour the original story as well as my personal working class sports heroes in this short story that explores the power of faith in God and change.