Created by Alex Hyndman, The Pitch 2013

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A boy wakes up in hospital after receiving a serious head injury. Suffering from amnesia, he tries to figure out what has happened. Why is his mother behaving so strangely? Why does she keep putting up posters of scantily clad girls? Why can't he remember any of his possessions? Who was responsible for the accident? ARC is the story of a mother and her gay son and how she tries to change who he is. Injured after disclosing his sexual persuasion to her, the mother sees his amnesia as a way to shape her son the way she wanted. But it is not who he is that he has forgotten but her disappointment in that. And through this new vulnerability, and the intervention of her eldest son, the mother realises she will have to accept her son the way he is. The film will be live action (not animation), set mainly in a hospital room with flash backs (and attempted flashbacks) to previous events including the accident.

Biblical Connection

The film is inspired by the deluge story from the bible. Except instead of God cherry picking elements of his creation he wants to save via the mechanism of the Ark, a mother tries to cherry pick the aspects of her son's personality she wants to save by attempting to influence his recovery from amnesia. In the end she makes peace with her son as God made peace with humanity symbolically with a rainbow.