Created by O'neil Foster, The Pitch 2020

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Esther is the story of a strong black Jamaican woman from the inner city who catches the eye of the most powerful man in the country. However their love story has to wait as the fate of an entire community hangs in the balance. As a plot thickens to destroy the community center ,her only safe haven in the community, only the man she loves has the power to change the fate of the community and salvage what little hope is left? The world waits with bated breath for the Prime Minister's decision.

Biblical Connection

This story is an adaptation from the book of Esther . Although the names of the characters remain the same ,my version of Esther is set in the violent inner city of Jamaica against the political divide and classism that ghetto people have to grapple with everyday. In this version Xerxes is a Prime Minister not a King but needless to say corruption is still rampant among his ministers but in this version it is not the Jews that are being marginalized but the poor and impoverished ghetto people of the inner city.