Created by Luke McCabe, The Pitch 2019

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So much happened to me whereby I could easily decide it ‘makes me who I am’. I want to present a story that invites people to define themselves by desperation for the Son, rather than the descriptions of this Society. To tell part of my own story; being labelled gay by the age of nine, hiding myself & pretending to be someone else so much that I lost myself, obsessed with affirmation, getting tied up in a sexually abusive relationship with another man at 17 years old to then being addicted to drugs to suppress the emptiness - before eventually surrendering it all to Jesus & finding myself content. Music can tell story in remarkable ways. I have collaborated with different composers, rap artists, singers & songwriters to create a journey of finding yourself in a society transfixed to tell you who you are. I’ve collaborated on six songs with the likes of MOBO Award Winner Guvna B, the Voice finalist Leah McFall and countless others on a music-based biopic that takes you on a raw, real pilgrimage of finding yourself. I’m proposing for an alternative structure for this short film; seven music-video scenes interwoven with a spoken word narrative.

Biblical Connection

None of us really know the Thorn Paul spoke of in 2 Corinthians 12, but we can all relate to struggle we pray desperately to arid ourselves of. And it takes most of us a journey before we understand the grace he speaks of that is so sufficient for him despite the hardship. My Thorn could look different to everyone else, yet the truth applies. The truth that sets us free. The truth in what Jesus said when he spoke of finding ourselves only once we’d lost ourselves [Matthew 10:39]. This film explores different topics around self - like labels [power of death in life & tongue - Proverbs 18:21] and authenticity, and also the seek of self in different things - affirmation and addictions, and the disappointment in expecting anyone to fulfil you other than the One who created you. It’s ultimately a story of surrendering your Thorn to the one who wore the Crown of Thorns [John 19] and making the cross bigger than your circumstance. You can't adapt Biblical truth on Identity for art - but you can communicate it in a relatable way. That is my objective with Thorn.