The Binding - The Pitch Archive

Created by Joshua Thornton-Allan, The Pitch 2015


The Binding is tense drama focussing on a fathers love for his sons, his dedication, and the decision he must make. The Binding tells they story of Isi, a teenager on the cusp of becoming a boxing star. The contemporary retelling of this story is set amongst a Muslim family in East London. Abe, his father, has dedicated his life to supporting his sons - blaming himself for his elder son Amir's mistakes, he's seeking redemption with Isi. But his blind dedication to his sons means Abe has made some questionable decisions - taking money and favors from a malicious individual, Malik. Abe is now indebted to Malik ?????? who helped Isi financially through his career, and keeps Amir safe in prison. Now Malik want??????s a favor from Abe ?????? he wants him to slip Isi a sedative, causing him to lose a crucial match. Malik intends to fix the match and reap the benefits. If Abe refuses, Malik will stop protecting Amir ?????? instead using his contacts in prison to harm him. As Abe binds Isi??????s hands before his boxing match, he must decide whether to sacrifice his innocent son or to condemn Amir.

Biblical Connection

As Abe binds Isi's hands, he mimics the actions of Abraham in the story of The Binding (Genesis 22), in which Abraham is told by God to sacrifice his son on the top of a mountain in Moriah. However, at the last moment he is stopped by an angel and is provided a ram to sacrifice instead. The story of The Binding is one of the most debated stories in the Bible, as many theologians questions Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son. There are many theories regarding why God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son. Some call it a "divine test", others interpret it as a "punishment" for Abraham's earlier "mistreatment" of Ishmael, his elder son, whom he expelled from his household at the request of his wife. In my retelling of the story, Abe too interprets this as a punishment; a karmic retribution for his failure to protect and stop Amir??????s descent into crime. Abe must come to terms with Amir's mistakes, before his actions force Isi down the same path.