Created by Kevin Andrews, The Pitch 2014

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Pilgrims, refugees and asylum seekers search for the Promised Land, but thirst for knowledge and fear of change drives them apart. Travellers, pilgrims, refugees, ramblers... Across the country they journey from one wall to the next; looking for a sign, an opportunity, a means of escape. The wise leader is adverse to change and reluctant to take risks. Disillusioned, a young woman resents the lack of progress and questions his authority. Finally, the pilgrims stumble across a gap... An exit, an entrance. Dreaming of a better life, the woman defies orders and crosses the border. Inspired, other asylum seekers follow in her footsteps. The leader and his disciples remain fixed in position. Obedient, afraid of the unknown, they grab the builder's tools and resume work on the wall. But are they defending their territory, safeguarding the future... Or building their own prison?"

Biblical Connection

'Schism' is an allegorical story about cultural divisions and the clash between traditional values and progressive attitudes. Inspired by the biblical tale of Exodus and the Israelites search for the Promised Land, the film looks at a sacred journey, the sacrifices people make and their hopes for a better life. 'Schism' also examines isolationism and how fear and mistrust can stifle the human experience. Using 'the wall' as a metaphor, the film explores the situation in Israel and the barriers between different races, cultures, genders and generations. How those barriers can be broken down and the lines of communication improved, is the question the film asks the audience and explores through its characters.