Blood and Water

Created by Joe O'Hare, The Pitch 2014

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The story of Blood and Water takes place in Germany just after World War 2 has ended. The two main characters are Naomi, a Jewish-German woman in her mid-fifties and Ruth, a native German in her late thirties, who is Naomi's daughter in law. The narrative explores the strong relationship between Naomi and Ruth forged through the trauma of war in Nazi Germany. Ruth's faithfulness to Naomi leads her from a place of despair to hope. The story's main location is a hospital room where we find Ruth in labour with Naomi alongside her. A series of flashbacks occur at various stages of childbirth that shed light upon their journey together up until this point. The flashbacks include: the oppression of Naomi, Ruth and the extended family in war-torn Germany and the death of their husbands. Ruth falling in love with Benjamin and getting married. Ruth facing accusations of being a Nazi Sympathiser. The story concludes with Naomi and Benjamin's baby being born. Childbirth anchors the overall narrative as it is symbolic of the struggle and eventual hope and beauty that Naomi and Ruth find after both having experienced loss, despair and destitution.

Biblical Connection

Blood and Water is a story based on the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament of the Bible and takes inspiration from all four chapters. The story links heavily with the themes and narrative of the biblical account but has been adapted to take place in post world war two Germany. The main themes of redemption and faithfulness are also retained from the story in Ruth.