“There are a lot of people walking around in London or Hollywood with ideas in their heads, but to actually get to execute your idea puts you in the top 5% ... it’s so hard to raise money, so hard to find £25,000 to shoot your film, it’s a great calling card.”

David Oyelowo: Selma (2014), Lincoln (2012), Jack Reacher (2012), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), Spooks


“What’s great about The Pitch is that you’ve got experts in Hollywood, your film will go to Hollywood, you will meet people there, it will go into great festivals,  you just don’t know what could happen. What has been really inspiring is all the professional people who have come on board to make it what it is.”

Israel Oyelumade, Actor: Pirates of Caribbean, African Snow.


“The Bible is just full of wonderful stories - look at what we have done here - its been amazing.” 
Graham Cole, Actor: PC Stamp of The Bill. Comment made during shooting of the winning film for The Pitch 2009.


“I would have to say from my experience, my forte is being inspired by ideas and visualising the shots. I have attempted writing a script but there are so many rules about formatting at an industry standard. Additionally, while I have certain types of characters in my head I generally struggle with creating dialogue and putting my ideas into script form. The Pitch offers such a unique opportunity for aspiring film-makers such as myself.” 
Stephanie Lapena, The Pitch entrant 2011.

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