Aurora Fearnley, a past winner, featured in Digital Filmmaker Magazine20 November 2017

Aurora Fearnley's film Pulsar, starring David Gyasi and Jessie Buckley, is based on the biblical story of Jonah and the whale. The film follows Jonah’s last mission before retirement, persuading the war-torn planet Nineveh to join the Galactic Union. Read more

Lights, camera, 2017!16 January 2017

So 2016 turned out to be an interesting year! The social and political choices were reflected in the pitches that we saw submitted. No doubt there will be more surprises ahead in 2017 but above all I hope you have a fruitful year for filmmaking and t... Read more

Our youngest film maker finalist wins this year15 January 2017

This year’s Pitch film competition winner, 24 year old Harry Lighton from Portsmouth, is our youngest finalist ever. First time entering the competition, the Oxford University English Literature graduate made such an impression on the judges wi... Read more

Pitch winner Vanessa Perdriau on her film idea and pitching at Pinewood19 January 2016

Vanessa Perdriau has been talking about winning this year's Pitch film competition with her short historical drama The Widow’s Last. She's been telling us more about the film and what it was like to Pitch at Pinewood Read more

Vanessa Perdriau wins The Pitch17 January 2016

Vanessa Perdriau from Blackheath, London has won The Pitch film competition this year with her short historical drama “The Widow’s Last”. This year's runners up were Paris Zarcilla and Hannah Lee. Read more

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