Aurora’s work validated by Interstellar Star
David Gyasi

The winner of this year’s film competition, Aurora Fearnley, film maker from South East London, has finally been on film shoot this week. Based at North Light Film Studios in the Holme Valley, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire most of the shoot has taken place on set constructed on site. Whilst one day was filmed on location on Pule Hill Quarry, part of Marsden Moor Estate – a challenging day was spent filming outdoors on open moorland battling against the elements of Yorkshire winter weather.

Since being crowned winner earlier this year Aurora has spent several months developing the script with co-writer Nev Pierce (Editor-at-large Empire Magazine) sourcing locations and casting for PULSAR – a science fiction film drama based on the famous Bible story of Jonah and the Whale.

Aurora’s film idea was chosen for her ambitious take on the story and for her passion, vision and sheer determination to succeed in the competition. So impressed by her ideas and passion, competition judge David Gyasi of Interstellar fame jumped at the chance of playing lead part of Jonah.

Entering the competition for a fourth time her determination really paid off. Researching over two dozen locations before deciding on North Light Film Studios, securing Interstellar star, recruiting outstanding cast and creative production crew, Aurora has high hopes for her Hollywood-bound film.

Speaking about the opportunity, Aurora says, “Finally! I am getting to do what I’ve always wanted to do and this budget has given me the opportunity to work in sci-fi. Pulsar is a film about a crew who turn on each other when their spaceship is trapped in a solar storm. This short film was adapted from the Biblical story of Jonah and the Whale and I drew inspiration in theme and design to retell the classic adventure. It's been exciting and validating to have a talent like David agreeing to play the lead character of Jonah. His involvement has elevated the project attracting a fantastic supporting cast who were all fantastic to work with."

Overseeing the production Luke Walton the project’s director says, “Aurora is a fantastic director. She has always shown great potential and her pure determination is what is needed in this industry.”

Talking about the shoot itself Luke comments,” Filming is going really well, the crew are fantastic. The cast have been outstanding. They can really feel there is good vision behind it.

I’d would also like to thank North Light Film Studios and their team as they have been brilliant and Eclips Hair Rooms for being so supportive by providing their premises for wardrobe purposes.”

Countdown to the shooting of Pulsar

Aurora Fearnley, the Pitch winner 2013, has just six weeks to go before she starts shooting her film based on the story of Jonah. Hear more from Aurora about her preparations.